Fashion crimes

I’ve said it before. White’s not right (no matter how cut you are). When a grown man flashes a camel toe like this, the line has been well and truly crossed.

If the sponsor’s shoe fits…?

Now here’s something to open a can of carbon worms. Whereas his new UCI WoldTour team Lampre-Merida is sponsored by Sidi, when it comes to shoes it seems reigning World Road Champion Rui Costa prefers wearing Bont. To solve the impasse his team has him rather ingeniously – or despicably depending on who you ask – … More If the sponsor’s shoe fits…?

Pedal Power

I use Shimano pedals. No particular reason other than that’s what my first road bike came with, and inertia is a powerful force. I’ve been told on many an occasion I should try switching to Speedplay, which may well be good advice. But after touching down at the Tour Down Under in Adelaide last week, … More Pedal Power

MacGyver rides again

Like most folks of her generation, my ever-resourceful mum has 101 tricks for solving everyday life’s little challenges. But she wasn’t within 1,000km this morning when I stumbled across a new one after my Saturday am ride. With the bunch forced to relocate en masss to new café due to New Year’s holiday closures, we … More MacGyver rides again

Cap in hand

I’ve tried. I really have. But despite having accumulated quite a collection of the things, I just can’t get into the whole cycling cap scene. I understand the tradition behind it. But nowadays, when we all wear helmets, I’m struggling to understand the practicalities. Not sure about you, but I don’t find them at all … More Cap in hand