DOWNLOAD TODAY: ‘Etape 2’, the new eBook from Carbon Addiction

Three years since the first book came out in late 2013, it’s finally here. The all-new Carbon Addiction eBook, Etape 2. If you enjoy this blog, you’re sure to find this a great read. It includes updates to many of the stories that have appeared here over the past few years, some new stuff, plus a dozen or so of … More DOWNLOAD TODAY: ‘Etape 2’, the new eBook from Carbon Addiction


So, that’s it then. The big cobbled classics are done for another year and the peloton now rolls on to the Ardennes, starting with Amstel Gold on Sunday. Before we forget about the stones for 2015 how good is this passage from Tim Krabbe’s classic, The Rider: “On the cobbles a man finds out what it … More Jackhammers

Classic Cycling Quotes #117

“People often marvel that cyclists continue to race with horrific injuries, and think that cyclists are tough. It isn’t that cyclists are particularly robust guys; it’s just that they don’t have a choice.” Charlie Wegelius, ex-pro and WorldTour DS calls it how he sees it in his biography, Domestique. A great read.

Gironimo! Riding the Very Terrible 1914 Tour of Italy

About a decade ago British travel writer Tim Moore wrote one of the all-time great cycling books, ‘French Revolutions’, in which he sought to traverse the entire route of the 2000 Tour de France. Not content merely to ride the 3,000km+ course, however, he also set out to pay homage to the race’s history by replicating as much … More Gironimo! Riding the Very Terrible 1914 Tour of Italy

BOOK REVIEW: Domestique, Charly Wegelius

“Domestiques aren’t simply kindhearted folks who just want to help others; real domestiques are hired killers like everyone else.”  Nowadays a lot of biographies are like a Facebook page; a carefully filtered selection of stories and anecdotes chosen to paint the author in the most glamorous possible light. Fortunately every now and then one slips … More BOOK REVIEW: Domestique, Charly Wegelius