Kit and kaboodle

A New Year means a new season. Which, of course, means a new kit for the UCI WorldTour teams to wear in on-road combat and, far more importantly, flog to us punters. Here’s a peak at most of the 2014 offerings and my (admittedly irrelevant) views. KATUSHA: Subtle changes from 2013, nothing too crazy or … More Kit and kaboodle

How come Ikea didn’t think of it first?

Have a spare 800 Euros? Then why not sate your appetite for yet another bike with a flat-pack Sandwichbike made from German beech plywood and aluminium ‘smart cyclinders’? As Warrick said when he sent the link a little earlier today, “It’s quite cool. 17kg…mmm… maybe that’s not TOO heavy…for skinny hipsters to carry up the … More How come Ikea didn’t think of it first?

Ugly Celeste

Having recently reviewed my first-ever Bianchi I must say this old advert made me smile. Celeste #227 isn’t my favourite colour, either. Nice bikes though.


One very good reason why we don’t always ride on the extreme left. That’s gonna hurt, pal.

Selling understanding

Given we can’t all up and move to the Netherlands, improving on-road safety for Australian cyclists is a complicated issue. With decades of cultural inertia and car-focussed infrastructure to be overcome, there is no silver bullet. No one thing will solve all the problems; certainly not one that can be implemented quickly and inexpensively in … More Selling understanding