Why wheels are like…beer

2019 is fast becoming the ‘year of hoops’ for this cycling scribe. The way the planets have aligned, it’s seen me reviewing a lot of wheels lately, over 12 different wheelsets at last count. Which, on top of greatly improving my ability to change tyres, brake pads and disc rotors, has got me thinking. I … More Why wheels are like…beer

I blame Greg Norman

Somewhere along the way, back in the 1980s, a great golfer became known as the ‘Great White Shark’. Around the same time an even more potent marketing drive from footwear giant, Nike, saw arguably the finest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, rebranded as ‘Air Jordan’ with the 1987 launch of the iconic Jumpman logo. … More I blame Greg Norman

TV cycling wars: Channel 9 versus Channel 7

It’s not quite over just yet, but it’s already been a fascinating summer of cycling in Australia. Plenty of great racing. Huge crowds. Painful crashes. And glorious wins. But arguably the most significant competition has been taking place off the roads as several not-so-familiar media names (in cycling circles, anyway) have thrown their hats and money into the ring alongside … More TV cycling wars: Channel 9 versus Channel 7

Loyalty, money and the future of domestic cycling

In light of yesterday’s confirmation from Cycling Australia that Channel 9 and Fox have replaced SBS as the contracted TV broadcasters for Australian domestic cycling for the next two seasons, this article from Cycling Tips is well worth a read, as are the comments. It explains things pretty well, and for what it’s worth, I generally agree … More Loyalty, money and the future of domestic cycling

How to sell bike stuff

Coming from an advertising background myself, it’s always interesting to see how different brands try to get their messages across to us. Here’s just a small selection of campaigns from over the years. What do you think? Who’s doing it right?  

Polo Posters

Music festivals and album covers have always been a playground for graphic designers. Well, so it seems, are Bike Polo tournaments. Here’s just a small selection I’ve come across recently…cool as.

The Name Game

We live in an age of ‘stuff’. And stuff needs a name. But given the proliferation of largely commoditised stuff that inhabits our lives, be it tomato sauce, jeans or bar tape, it’s seen an equal proliferation in brands and sub-brands – and cycling is certainly not immune. Surnames alone simply don’t cut it any … More The Name Game