Bunchie Lockdown Lament.

I’ve always enjoyed the solitude of riding on my own, whether out on the road or sweating away on the trainer in the garage. But, oh, how I miss the bunch rides. Deep down we’re all social creatures and, frankly, the novelty of Sydney’s extended lockdown wore off many weeks ago.

I miss the faces. I miss the smiles. I miss the banter. I miss the unmistakable sound of 20+ riders simultaneously clipping in when the lights turn green, and braking when they turn red. I miss the exhilaration of being in a slipstream. I miss the deafening cacophony of freewheels spinning on a fast descent. I miss the early morning calls of ‘car back’, ‘slowing’ and ‘hole middle!’ I miss the insults that fly when the speed is too high on social rides, or when turns aren’t rolling smoothly enough for the liking of some. I miss the endless debates about tyres and psi. I miss the questionable fashion choices. I miss planning for the next two-wheeled adventure or charity ride. I miss the laughter and tales shared over the post-ride coffee (which always tastes better than what I can make at home). I miss it all and, if you’re currently stuck in lockdown, I’m guessing you probably do too.

Hang in there. Keep rolling. Better times are coming.

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