One journey ends, another begins…

One journey ends, and another begins…or does it?

As the hourglass sands of life slowly trickle down, you come to appreciate every passing year shares much in common with a long bicycle ride.

The mere passing of time ensures the journey is always, ultimately, a linear one. But it is rarely a straight line. Rather it is filled with an abundance of ups and downs, each of varying gradients, together with a labyrinth of twists, turns, dangers and detours, some anticipated, but many not. Exhilarating yet scary at precisely the same time.

As disciples of the bike we eventually come to embrace these conflicting emotions – indeed, we crave them and develop a deep type of addiction outsiders often struggle to understand – typically following the epiphany that there is no destination on this annual ride we take. Cliché or otherwise, the journey really IS the destination. Of course, it’s always been this way. It just takes most of us a while to figure things out for ourselves.

Whatever lies beyond that next bend in the road, cherish every moment, take pause to soak in the scenery as you hurtle through the countryside of life, be grateful for the camaraderie and good health of those alongside you, stay safe, and wherever the ride happens to take you in 2018, enjoy every breath, every heart beat, every bead of sweat, every pedal stroke.

Happy New Year.


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