Classic Cycling Quotes: Rio Edition


“I’ve just been asked if I’d race the tomorrow (so many crashes in road race..). No TT bike etc. What do you guys reckon?”

Namibian rider, Dan Craven, outsources the decision-making to his 14,000-strong Twitter following.

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 8.13.55 am

Craven again, reacting to the remarkable new WR set in the women’s 10,000m in Rio.


“They don’t exist for four years, then at the Olympics they outclass the whole world. You have to ask how they do it.”

Michael Gane, the rather suspicious France Sprint Coach, after Team GB dominated the Men’s Team Sprint (and the entire track program) for the third Olympic Games running.


“They’re the worst winners in the world and also the worst losers as well.”

A smiling Sir Bradley Wiggins, referring to track arch rivals Australia before the Men’s Team Pursuit.

(the track is) like Mario Kart, we’re just out there riding kids’ bikes, chasing our dreams!

Caroline Buchanan after her first training session on the spectacular Rio BMX track.


“Im a big girl now…but once I was just a little girl who just had a dream…and Ive lived that dream for 22 years.

A teary Anna Meares bows out from the Women’s Sprint – and her glittering Olympic career. What a legend.

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