CX Motor Man?

Okay, first to admit I’m no engineer. But what does everyone make of this video? (The original post has now had almost 70,000 views and continues to draw a wide range of viewpoints.) This is an Elite Men’s CX race. Watch the rear wheel of the 4th rider, white kit on the inside. It seems to start spinning, fast, before he’s even pedalling. Looks somewhat dodgy, but hoping to get some feasible explanations here. Optical illusion?

9 thoughts on “CX Motor Man?

  1. That guy in 4th place in white kit is the current world champ Wout van Aert. Better check that first before posting more bullshit

    1. What bullshit is that klokke? I’m well aware who it is – you’re the one who chose to name him.. All I’m saying is what hundreds of others are also saying right now on watching that video. Why does his rear wheel spin before his legs turn the pedals? I’m not saying it’s a motor necessarily, but I am wondering why? Why do you think it happened?

  2. Yep, that’s suspicious. You really shouldn’t stop pedalling if you have a hidden motor, people might notice

  3. You guys being serious? He has two pushes of the pedals and it looks like he’s just easing the bike out of the real muddy patch, then he goes for it and his wheel spins? You can see when he pedals the wheel spins at the same time. I watched the moment maybe 15 times now and it’s in sync…. Don’t know what the fuss is… Think you should think about it a bit more before becoming sceptical.. Don’t know about you but a bit of wheel spin due to serious lack of grip isn’t uncommon…

    1. Agreed Hubbard Dan, Gets stuck up in a rut balances, maybe drops into another gear and then puts the hammer down with his left leg after back pedaling / balancing it out. If you have that skill its a some what common move if you get stuck in slippery stuff, maybe even a wet root. The boy is throwing down some major watts so not a surprise the wheel spins so quickly.

      Just because one person gets caught doing something wrong does not mean everyone who is winning / good is also cheating. But it is fun to speculate.

  4. Nice to see he’s in a complete different gear compared to the other riders. It seems to help him a lot in this section. I’m interested why he’s first back pedalling a bit. With an IGH I would understand but with a derailleur ? Any suggestions ?

  5. Looks like he accidentally dropped his chain onto the small ring, hence the backpedal followed by a wheel slip and furious pedalling.

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