The long road back: Part 5


Part 5:  If headaches persist…

Man, I’m still taking a lot of painkillers, both for headaches and the shoulder itself. My GP suggested maybe I should take even more last week too, and stronger ones, to get more mobile. Not too keen though, as they really mess me around. Ice continues to be my best mate in this glacial-paced rehab.

Three weeks on from the op, five from the crash, my twin shoulder wounds are now pretty much healed (a very tidy job by the surgeon too I must say). This is rather misleading of course, because underneath the skin my shoulder is anything but healed; something I’m reminded of every time I get a bit too adventurous. My left arm has also lost much of its strength, quite concerning as the scrawny chicken wing wasn’t all that strong to begin with! My 8-year old cheekily suggested we have an arm wrestle the other day. For money. He fancies his chances and would probably win pretty easily right now.

My range is still severely restricted but I’m starting to venture out more frequently now, usually just short trips up to the local café/shops. Coffee with my riding mates continues to be a real highlight. I could also murder a few beers at the pub now the summer heat has returned, but not sure that’s a great idea just yet. Soon, soon.

Was checked out by a nurse for income protection purposes last week. That was an interesting experience. She was fine, very respectful and professional. But sitting at my kitchen table for an hour was quite a test of endurance. I managed to last it out. Just. Not 100% sure what the next steps are. Like everything else I just watch my letterbox for the next bill/cheque/claim form.

In other matters I decided to go for a low maintenance haircut and had the kids run the clippers over my noggin on the weekend – leaving hair everywhere! I haven’t had hair this short since high-school when, if memory serves me correctly, I got in trouble with the headmaster. I don’t actually mind it to be honest, even if the hair on my legs is longer than on my head!

Drumroll time. Off to see the surgeon tomorrow for the first time face-to-face since the operation. Slightly anxious, largely as it will be quite a public transport challenge as I’m still not allowed to drive and there’s no direct way to get to his offices from my place (cabs are a rip-off). Hopefully I’ll make it…and he’ll be happy with my progress when I get there. Dream scenario? Well, I would LOVE to get permission to start driving and/or start spinning on the trainer, even just for 15 minutes a day. But suspect neither will happen just yet as things still feel more than little unstable. Still it’s good to be optimistic, right?

Stay tuned…


Days since op: 21
Shirt removal pain-o-meter:  4/10

3 thoughts on “The long road back: Part 5

  1. Sounds like you’re doing it a little tougher than me. Our x-rays look very similar. The never-to-be-removed screw in the scapula, and the 6 or 7 screws in the long clavicle plate (although some of yours look a fair bit longer than mine). I say you’re doing it tougher because I’ve been a very light user of painkillers. The same for my previous two injuries (fractured pelvis and collarbone) where I didn’t use any. I don’t know why that is.

    Next up in a couple of weeks will be shoulder mobility exercises. These are not fun. Intentionally causing yourself pain four times a day is not something to look forward to, however it is a necessary part of the healing process. Initially you may not even be able to lift your arm and it’ll piss you off no end. But accept it (for now) and just do the exercises.

    These are frustrating times, but we’ll get there. Hang tough for the next few weeks. Meanwhile keep the updates coming, I’m sure writing them helps, reading them sure does.

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