The long road back: Part 3

Peg on Nose

Smells like New Year’s Eve

OMFG. I walked into a doorway with my bad shoulder yesterday. Nearly passed out. That’s the danger of starting to feel better. You get careless. Will really have to watch that.

One week has passed since the op so headed off for x-rays yesterday. It was the first formal milestone in the recovery process and I was more than bit anxious. Please bones PLEASE … be setting in the right place. Seriously can’t cope with the thought of having another op right now. Turns out my surgeon has a twisted sense for drama. The x-rays were done at 9am but he didn’t get back to me until the evening, 11 hours later. Thankfully everything seems to be fine so far. The instructions are to keep doing what I’m doing. i.e. nothing.

Life is all about little wins right now. For example, I managed to get changed and wash myself on my own for the first time last night. As a single dad the only ones more happy about this than myself are my kids, of course. The things you have to do for your family, heh boys? Independence goes out the window a bit with injuries like this, at least for a while. Sure puts things in perspective. Ever tried buttering toast with one hand? Or doing up a button?

Oh, couldn’t help myself either. Snuck in a cheeky look at my x-ray films and, despite not being remotely medically trained, am pretty certain the hook-shaped plate in my shoulder isn’t actually in my clavicle at all (that fracture has been left to heal ‘free-range’). The plate is a bit further back, in a part of my shoulder blade I think is called the acromiom. Not sure if this is good or bad from a recovery perspective, will have to ask the surgeon next week.

Now I’m feeling a bit better one thing I can do is start looking into the mountain of admin that accompanies an event of this nature, specifically lodging a variety of insurance claims. Should make for a very interesting case study in itself, especially my personal accident claim through Cycling Australia. I’ve often wondered how easy and comprehensive the cover provided to CA members actually is. Watch this space to find out.

In other news, off to get my wounds checked today. That will be exciting. Hopefully I’ll get the green light to have a proper shower. It’s never good when you can smell your own armpit.

Oh, it’s also New Year’s Eve. Might celebrate tonight with half a bottle of pale ale. Then again it’s been such a wretched end to 2015 I might get stuck in…either way I’ll still be bed-ridden tomorrow!

Days since op: 9
Shirt removal pain-o-meter: 5/10

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