The six laws of crashing

Few cyclists tempt fate by talking about it. But the simple fact remains the longer we ride – and the more time we spend on our bikes – the more likely it is we will fall off the bloody things and hurt ourselves. Having now coming off far more times than I care to remember, including a recent race fall from which I’m still recovering, it got me thinking about some of the lessons crashing has taught me over the years – and rest assured there are many. So in no particular order please let me introduce Carbon Addiction’s ‘Six Laws of Crashing a Bicycle’…

(See what you think and feel very free to suggest more from your own bitumen-eating experiences, either in the comments section, below, or by emailing

First Law of Crashing Second Law of Crashing Third Law of CrashingFourth Law of Crashing  Fifth Law of Crashing Sixth Law of Crashing

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