Geraint, we salute you

The further this Tour goes the more we’re loving Team Sky’s Geraint Thomas. Not because he’s 6th on GC. Or because he was sent flying off a high-speed descent by an out-of-control Warren Barguil, kissed a light post with his head, crashed into a ditch only to remount his Pinarello and still almost catch up with the GC leaders by the finishing kite. No, we loved his comments to the media straight after the stage.

Thomas: “Barguil just wiped me out.”
Journo: “And what happened after you fell?”
Thomas: “I got back up, and started chasing.”
Journo: “Any immediate injury?”
Thomas: “Nah, I head-butted the wooden pole thing, got tangled up in the bushes and the wire thing. Some guy pulled me up.”
Journo: “A spectator pulled you out?”
Thomas (dry as you like): “Yeah, some French people like us.”


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