So, barely three days into 2015 and there’s a global cluster f**k of confusion erupting on every cycling addict’s favourite app, Strava. Sure it may be a colossal first world problem, but I really don’t get why the whole 2015 KOM was necessary in the first place. I know we’re all ‘cup whores’ and derive no end of pleasure from stealing someone’s KOM or setting a new PB on that 25m segment on the way to the shops or work. But seriously, now every ride we go on earns us 100+ trophies. Talk about devaluing all the sweat and pain we’ve invested over previous years.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 10.04.02 am
Awesome? Nah, not really.

Not sure about you, but I like the fact that unless I completely bust my chops I won’t get a PB. I could ride 100km and not earn a single cup, in fact I often do. Surely that’s a good thing?

I’m off for a leisurely ride with my kids this afternoon, it’s going to be slow, very slow. Yet it’s a pretty safe bet that by the time I get home I’ll still have another 40 trophies or so waiting for me and, on the surface at least, I’ll look like the reincarnation of Fausto Coppi himself.

So far in three rides this year I’ve earned a whopping 150 trophies. Pffffft. Only one of them matters: an overall (i.e. since forever) Top 10 I pinched yesterday in a moment of pure Stravacide madness. The rest aren’t worth a bead of sweat on my little toe. What do you think?


One thought on “KOM WTF

  1. I think they’ll come into their own as the year wears on. Agreed, a little pointless now but give it six months and you’ll be in battle royale either with yourself or a local hero for a selection of KOMS. Imagine how many KOM emails you’ll be getting now! Not sure it’s a great thing to enter into such battles but I can see how they can provide motivation.

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