Cyclists in drag

Such a bloody simple idea. A 100-yard drag race. We should organise an event like this. Be super interesting to see who comes out on top. The pocket rockets or the big boys? Roadie or fixie or MTB? Hmmmmm.

(click the pic to see the vid).


5 thoughts on “Cyclists in drag

  1. I think a roadie would take it out, Fixie would need to get upto speed to win, MTB just to fat. Roadie has higher gearing that you can change once upto speed.
    I think you would have to have a 3 category format, Fixie, MTB and Road bike drag races 🙂

  2. When I was a teen we had a night every month in my club. We were a mixture of rodies and mtbers but all on road bikes. Mostly the rodies took it but sometimes the mtbers would win. It was basic and fun.

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