Why do we ride?

Apparently, Chris also loves being photo-bombed by his mates.

A million different people will have a million different reasons. But whatever ours happens to be, however common or obscure, we’re all connected by our common love for riding. So when a club-mate, Chris, recently suggested it might be interesting to find out some of those reasons, it seemed like a pretty good idea. Maybe you’ve thought about this very question before? Maybe you haven’t? Either way we’d love to hear your story: why do you ride?

You can either tell us in the comments, below. Or even better send us an email (carbonaddiction@gmail.com) with a photo or two, and we can post some of the best right here in the days and weeks to come.

To kick things off, here’s why my club-mate Chris rides:

“…for the feeling you get when training and preparation leads to the performance you want at the time you need it most, either in the race or just the local group ride sprint! And the opportunity to talk about how good it was or wasn’t over coffee with like minded mates.”

Sounds like a good reason to me.



2 thoughts on “Why do we ride?

  1. It is the only sport I can do (unless I want to play golf or swim) as I have a bad knee, add this to the social coffee and that I do like to push myself in what i can achieve and cycling is where I am at.

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