Pain in the glass

It would appear the cyclist haters have really outdone themselves this time.

Last Saturday afternoon in Sydney a group of about 30 humble cyclists, including yours truly, made their way to the criterium circuit at the Dunc Gray (Olympic) velodrome complex in Sydney’s south west for a round of club criteriums.


On the very first warm up lap it became clear all was not well. For starters, on the two tightest corners of the circuit was a bottleshop’s worth of broken glass. Considering this is a purpose-built cycling circuit, fenced off from the public, this was pretty ordinary to see.

But things soon became even worse; closer inspection revealed, in an act that would have done Dick Dastardly and Muttley proud, the imbeciles had also taken it upon themselves to lay down a series of strategically-placed oil slicks, including two smack bang on the racing lines through what are already the most technical corners on the entire circuit. Pretty clearly this was no accident, but a mind-boggling act of ignorance-fuelled hate. Why? Who knows. But it really is a terribly sad state of affairs.

Kids race and train on this circuit. Law-abiding tax-paying citizens – fathers, mothers, sons, daughters – race on this circuit. If not for the wonderful clean-up efforts of the Bankstown CC commissaires and volunteers one of us could easily have come down and suffered serious injury.

It’s mindless and deeply disturbing behaviour. Seriously, who can possibly think it’s acceptable to do something like this?



6 thoughts on “Pain in the glass

  1. really this is another example that there is no equivalence between cyclists and others – mostly drivers. Not saying cyclists are perfect, clearly we arent, but have you ever heard off or seen cyclists deliberately sabotaging footpaths or roads?

  2. There was an episode in Canberra around the lake where someone had put rice at the bottom of a hill on a bend, it took several people out.

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