Marriage made in (cycling) heaven

To date the 2014 Giro d’Italia has been pretty amazing (if you’re an Australian), with multiple stage wins, pink jerseys and the promise of even more to come. But amidst all the parochial bias, I have to say I think this photo taken a couple of days ago on Stage 9 has been my highlight so far. Surely these guys are going to have a long and happy marriage!

Marriage made in heaven
Want a partner like this? I do!

3 thoughts on “Marriage made in (cycling) heaven

  1. WHAT!! There’s a bike race going on somewhere? Are you sure? But all the Brits are busy elsewhere!

    Only kidding, some great Aussie rides thus far; loved Mick Rodgers solo win, always a big Cadel fan…just wish Michael Matthews would drop the ‘bling’ nickname!

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