He’s tough enough, but is he still good enough?

The weather at the Giro can be tough. But as the world knows, so is Mr Evans.

To be sure the 2014 starts, of all places, in Belfast this Saturday and with it so does potentially the final phase of the career of an Aussie sporting legend, Cadel (no surname required but I’ll include it anyway) Evans. By his own confession what happens in May will shape what happens for the rest of his riding days. No pressure then.

Twelve months ago Evans stood proudly on the final GC podium when pretty much no-one gave him a snowflake’s. Just look at these photos from Giro’s gone by and it’s clear he’s one uber tough hombre. Time will tell is he has another big Grand Tour in him. If his BMC team-mates, bolstered by the significant 2014 signing of Belgian Ben Hermans, get it right out on the road in supporting him, I for one think he does and will be screaming him on via my television for the next three weeks, all the way to the summit of Monte Zoncolan on the (likely race-defining) penultimate stage, and then to the finish line in Trieste near the Slovenian border. Apologies in advance to my neighbours.

2014 Giro d’Italia Start List




4 thoughts on “He’s tough enough, but is he still good enough?

  1. I was watching last year when his rear cassette iced up and he couldn’t change gears, I will be watching again this year whilst sitting on a trainer wearing my old Silence Lotto red and black jersey

  2. I like Cadel and think he’ll go down as one of the legends of the sport, but I also believe that he’s in the same boat as Jens. I just don’t want to see the guy get “old” on the bike.

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