Cobbles? Sort of.

Concord cobbles4

The Ronde Van Vlaanderen is finally upon us, closely followed by Paris-Roubaix seven days later. Excited beyond all realms of normal human behaviour I set out to replicate the cobbled riding experience as best I could, not an easy task given Australia isn’t exactly known for it’s medieval road systems (actually….some of the bike lanes around town may have fit right in a few centuries ago?).

Anyway, it took a while, but I eventually found some beauties just a stone’s throw from Concord Hospital in Sydney’s inner west. It’s not exactly the Arenberg forest or the Patterberg, mind you. In fact as you can see from the pics it may well be the shortest pave sector in the world.

But maybe if I rode it 252,000 times……..????

Concord cobbles2  Concord cobbles3Concord cobbles1

5 thoughts on “Cobbles? Sort of.

    1. Someone mentioned that one to me last year. They’re faux cobbles, though. Bloody bumpy mind you. I avoid that street like the plague, even though technically I think it’s a signed bike way. Someone at council has a wicked sense of humour….!

      1. Probably the same guy who decided it was a good idea to resurface just the middle of the roads around Drummoyne and Five Dock, leaving the bike lanes cracked and potholed…

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