On the rack: “Seasucker” Talon Roofmounts

I haven’t used it myself. But I am fascinated by a roof rack system I stumbled across a few days ago that, potentially, renders the argument of roof versus rear-mounted systems obsolete.



It’s called the Seasucker Talon, and at first glance it seems pretty ludicrous. Entrust your $3000+ steed to a few suction cups? You’ve got to be kidding. My suction cup soap holder in the bathroom can’t even take the weight of a bar of Palmolive, and keeps falling on the floor at 3am. And you want me to attach my bike to the car using the same principle?

At over $400 the system isn’t exactly cheap, suggesting there must be more to it. So I persevered and looked into things a bit further. Turns out the suction used is of the vacuum variety, which the makers say makes it much stronger than normal suction cups. There are also some pretty curious photos floating about to prove it.

If we accept the suction will hold (and yes it’s a big if – psychologically, at least) it does bring some very real advantages. There’s no need for roof rails, mounting points or even straps like conventional systems. You can also stick the bloody things pretty much anywhere and in any configuration you like. Roof. Rear. Side. Anywhere.

Despite all this, I’m just not sure I could ever bring myself to trust it. We cyclists love our bikes too much, almost like family. Maybe if they offered a 100% bike replacement guarantee should it ever be jettisoned from the car at 100km/h on the freeway. Even then I’m still not sure….






7 thoughts on “On the rack: “Seasucker” Talon Roofmounts

  1. hahaha top pic is my old bike and old car from my review, love my seasucker mini bomber i did a review last year on it, great product for someone who travels or doesn’t use a rack that often, mine sits in my hatch back of my vw golf and is relatively low maintenance, a full tule or yakimia rack is easily twice as much ($800) for a basic set up and reduces gas mileage too, i have had zero issues with my seasucker great alternative for starts cars or for rental cars, and remember people said and still do say the same thing about carbon frames, wheels, parts when they came out “don’t trust them”. I’ve had my old felt f-75 and a specialized endure pro up there for a 3.5 hour drive didn’t move a mm. great product and great customer service, what sold me was a video on the website of them setting one up on a nascar and going 150 around a track with a $8k specialized tarmac on the back. i trust my brand new scott addict 10 top of my car with it, but I’m a pretty trusting guy

  2. i’ve used similar suction cups as a tripod-mount for a digital SLR camera on the outside of a car, having a full sized camera + lens suctioned to the outside of a car doing 100km/h for over 3 hours with a single 6 inch suction cup would give me plenty of confidence to do the same with my bike, especially with multiple cups.

  3. Not for me.Unless I owned a Ferrari and had no choice with the obvious zero financial worry if it did fail. Also Pete, you need soap on a rope mate……

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