RBCC Heffron and the Police chase.

“Car left! And fugitive!”


Hi All,

Last saturday I entered the B grade race in the afternoon at Heffron. This is a very hard and challenging track not only the surface but the multiple corners and wind.
An unusual thing happened as we were heading down the back straight at circa 40kph. I am a bit taller in the pack so tend to see things before they happen and on the 7th or so lap noticed a guy running onto the track bare-chested holding what I thought was a metal long pipe. My first through was that he as going to take a swing at the peloton to knock out a few riders. When I saw him run past us full speed – I thought that was weird until I noticed a 4wd Police car in hot pursuit! All I saw was the reaction of the policewoman a gasp at driving the 4wd into…

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