The Jensie: bike riding quote machine

Just a taste of Jens Voigt’s post-race interview after today’s Stage 5. He once again took the most aggressive rider’s jersey, being in the day’s main break and leading over the top of Willunga Hill the first time around. He had the media pack in stitches, as usual.

“I’m an ambitious rider, so for a second I thought maybe we’ll lap them on the last lap. They give us 20km, 20 minutes, maybe we just take a lap out them. That wouldn’t have happened here before. Hey, let’s do something new.”

“I realise this is the last time in my life I’ll have to suffer up Willunga Hill. It’s a good feeling by the way.”

“We saw a few kangaroos and I think my koala count is up to six for the week now.”

How can you not love the Jensie?
How can you not love the Jensie?

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