New year, new riders to look out for

Just finished my first race of 2014. Didn’t win anything but a decent hit out nonetheless; certainly worked out some of the cobwebs and Christmas cheer. One thing that struck me (only figuratively thankfully), was the new and ‘newly-returned-to-racing’ riders. There were a few amongst us which, of course, is great to see. But it must be said one or two were pretty raw and at times things got sketchier than an episode of “Mr Squiggle.” A few words were exchanged, mostly deserved, but you had to be impressed with the restraint shown by the majority of the bunch.


Rather than scream obscenities and escalate things to dangerous testosterone-charged levels – we were still racing after all – calm heads prevailed, guidance was provided and, in the end, no one came down. Post race several of us also made our way to the offending parties and rather than punch them in the nose, calmly explained the ways things work. Hold your line. Be aware of the riders around you. Pay attention. It was all taken on board in the spirit with which it was intended too, which was refreshing to see.

Surely this is how it should be – whether it’s racing, training or just social bunch riding, experienced riders taking it upon themselves to shepherd and show the way to the newbies, rather than simply abusing them?

4 thoughts on “New year, new riders to look out for

  1. You would hope this is what happens, but unfortunately when there is a crash it does get more heated.
    I remember my 1st race, I thought I was in the wrong and I was actually told by other racers that I wasn’t doing anything wrong and that the guy that gave me what for was just being a jerk

  2. On the Coast Pete we start in D grade and there is always one or two more experienced riders (a or b grade) riding in the bunch to educate. It works well for all concerned.

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