Kit and kaboodle

A New Year means a new season. Which, of course, means a new kit for the UCI WorldTour teams to wear in on-road combat and, far more importantly, flog to us punters. Here’s a peak at most of the 2014 offerings and my (admittedly irrelevant) views.

Subtle changes from 2013, nothing too crazy or offensive, some truly sensational subliminal Pearl Izumi branding on the white chest sections. 7/10

I was always taught ‘if it’s brown flush it down’. Then again, they’re French. They play by their own fashion rules. 4/10


Just as dull as last year and not much to report really, other than perhaps a more fluorescent green ‘M’ which a design agency no doubt charged them top dollar to come up with when all they actually did was look at a pantone book. Maybe it will glow in the dark? That’d be cool. 6/10

Love the WFF panda on the back. Awesome. 8/10

It’s changed a fair bit from 2013, but it’s still iconically and unmistakably BMC. Personally, I quite like it and would love to see it on the podium at the Giro, preferably the top step. 9/10

Mardi Gras, anyone? 7/10

They’ve gone for a darker blue and also inverted the colour balance for 2014 which I think works a treat (i.e. blue chest and and pink sleeves). Shame they haven’t put a pink hoop on Mr Costa’s rainbow version, though. And how big are those stripes?! 7.5/10


Black is back for the team that once took its colour palette from long-term sponsor Quickstep. I like it and reckon we’ll be seeing plenty of it in 2014. 8/10


A massive change from the 2013 kit, and universally applauded for its simplicity and retro feel since it was unveiled late last year. Cool. 9/10

I don’t love it. But nor do I hate it. It’s not totally retro. But it’s not modern either. Seems a bit dull, like it’s stuck in a ‘designer no mans land’. The darker blue and flashes of green may also prove hard to discern from Movistar at a glance, making it a potential commentator’s nightmare, especially if there’s any rain and mud around at the Spring Classics. 6.5/10

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