MacGyver rides again

Like most folks of her generation, my ever-resourceful mum has 101 tricks for solving everyday life’s little challenges. But she wasn’t within 1,000km this morning when I stumbled across a new one after my Saturday am ride.

With the bunch forced to relocate en masss to new café due to New Year’s holiday closures, we were forced to park our bikes on unfamiliar and sloping ground. Still on a loaner bike after my Xmas Day stack, I was more than a tad nervous about my bike rolling into an Audi parked directly beside it – leading to yet more financial pain I could seriously do without.


Fear not. With ingenuity that would do MacGyver proud, one of my mates asked for one of my sweaty riding gloves. WTF? He then proceeded to wedge it into the hoods, forcing my brake lever to engage and stay engaged. My bike was now going precisely nowhere – and I was free to enjoy my morning’s coffee. Genius.

Know any other little gems like this? Then be sure to let us know. Sharing is caring, after all.

3 thoughts on “MacGyver rides again

  1. A small elastic band, long enough to capture your brake lever — but not long enough to get in the way if kept on your handlebar — makes for a great parking brake. I got the idea from a site that sells a folding kickstand-like pole for keeping touring bikes upright while unattended.

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