In 2014…

In 2014…

Dopers will still be dopes.
Cars will still hit cyclists at roundabouts.
Nutters will still flock to the roads of France in July in fancy dress.
Magpies will still dive-bomb you in Spring.
Commuters will still run red lights blaming everyone but themselves.
Your bike will still have that annoying noise coming from the BB, or seat post, or headset…
Hipsters will still ride fixies.
Sagan will still pull wheelies.
Rupert Guinness will still wear crazy shirts.
Your bike will still be too heavy regardless of how light it is.
The pave will still claim its share of human flesh and lycra.
Falling off will still hurt your pride and your body.
Endorphins will still flow.
Froome will still look at his stem too much.
Collarbones will still be broken.
You will still need more ‘stuff’.
Phil Liggett will still say things that make no sense.
MAMILs will still wear clothes too small for their waistlines.
Your mates will still have better kit than you do.
Derryn will still be a trouble-making narcissist.
Cadel will still look in pain whether he is or not.
Cycling will still be awesome.

As different as 2014 will surely be, it will still be the same.
Happy New (riding) Year, everybody.


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