Cap in hand

I’ve tried. I really have. But despite having accumulated quite a collection of the things, I just can’t get into the whole cycling cap scene. I understand the tradition behind it. But nowadays, when we all wear helmets, I’m struggling to understand the practicalities. Not sure about you, but I don’t find them at all comfortable when worn under a helmet. I also don’t find them especially good at keeping sun or sweat or even rain from my eyes in any case. So what’s the point? Other than to perhaps look like a wannabe retro hipster?

Molteni Cap

Granted in winter a cycling cap can actually help to keep your noggin warm when worn underneath your lid. But so can a head-hugging skullcap that’s usually far more comfortable (and please don’t get me started on bandanas, I don’t get them either – unless you happen to be from Penzance or perhaps Axl Rose).

Brooklyn Cap

As for the warmer months like now? In my experience all cycling caps really do is nullify any of the cooling properties your helmet’s vents have been painstakingly designed to offer, potentially cooking your brain far more than is necessary. In my opinion, save your $15-$40 and spend it on a new pair of gloves or socks. Or even some sunscreen.

Mapei Cap

For further enlightenment on the use of cycling caps, see Velomonati Rule #22.

10 thoughts on “Cap in hand

    1. Sweat in the eyes is the only reason I ware them as well. I get a constant stream of stinging sweat in my eyes, but the peak of the cap brings it forward when it’s down and sends it to the side of the face and not over the eyes when it is up. It’s much more comfortable without the cap but a necessary evil.

      The skull cap works for a while till it gets saturated then it makes no difference.

  1. I’m considering a skull cap for summer, but that’s purely because I sweat a lot and the ones I’m looking at claim to do wicking to keep it out of my eyes. Just a plain cloth cap of any type never does that adequately (though I’ll admit I haven’t actually tried a cycling cap – my previous examples & experience have been from other styles of hats/caps).

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