Senseless: the truth about helmets

I can’t take any credit for this article in Bicycling magazine, written by Bruce Barcott. But I found it a most illuminating read, especially amidst the considerable hype, truths and, yes, myths doing the rounds about the arguments for and against the wearing of bicycle helmets. As you’ll see, this guy has really done his homework, speaking to some genuine experts on all sides of the fence. Raises some very interesting points; ones I reckon every cyclist should be aware of.

(Oh, this article also appears in the current issue of BIKE magazine in Australia, which is actually where I first found it.)



2 thoughts on “Senseless: the truth about helmets

  1. Thanks, I found this article to be great.

    On a related note, QLD have just got the results of an inquiry into Cycling Issues and several of the recommendations relate, including the development of a strategy that “measures the effect [of helmets] and proves any benefits”.

    Click to access rp-39-29Nov13.pdf

    Also mandates the 1m rule 🙂

    1. It’s going to be very interesting to see what happens in Qld, that’s for sure. It’s definitely a murky area, with a lot of passionate voices on all sides. The more data they can gather, the better. Fact versus fiction.

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