Mmmmmm, donuts


If Homer Simpson was a cyclist this would surely be his race. The annual Tour de Donut – yep, such a thing really exists – is now in its 25th year and in 2013 attracted around 1,400 riders to the 34 mile (54.7km) course in Staunton, Illinois, complete with two designated donut stops. Donut consumption is not mandatory. But it sure helps, as you get a five minute time bonus for each donut you scoff mid-race. If you want to win chances are you’ll need to find the perfect balance between speed and gluttony.


The Staunton Tour de Donut is traditionally held on the 2nd Saturday of July, quite intentionally smack bang in the middle of the Tour de France. There are several other events now run under the same name/structure at other times of the year, everywhere from Utah and Ohio to Texas. To the best of my knowledge it hasn’t crossed the Pacific. Yet.

2013 winner Benjy Bomkamp managed to eat 24 donuts on his way to victory, which sounds impressive (in that eat-yourself-sick-way the Americans seem to do so well) until you learn about a guy called Randy Santel who in 2011 managed to down a truly epic 40 donuts. Sadly for Randy and his no doubt bulging stomach, he still didn’t win. He was beaten on adjusted time by a faster rider who only managed to eat 38.

Tour de Donut 2013 – Official Results:

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