Them’s the breaks

You know the guy? The one who spends the entire race every week trying to get off the front – but never quite succeeding. A few minutes of maniacal anaerobic suffering, followed by a near bonk, followed by several minutes hanging off the back desperately trying to recover. Then sneaking back up the outside and repeating the whole process anything up for four or five times. The exact opposite of the ‘wheelsucker’.

Well, last Saturday after years of trying our local ‘guy’ finally made one stick. He went to the front. Once. Twice. And then on what I think was his third attempt he managed to keep going. We were all pretty certain we’d reel him in, of course. We always do. But not on this muggy Saturday morning. After 30km of racing he beat the bunch home by about 50 metres; not a huge margin, but a comfortable one nonetheless.

Shame someone else had gone with him in the initial break, though. He still only came second 🙂

Don’t you hate it when you manage to breakaway and still lose. Doh.

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