Off season? Not for surgeons

Yes, it’s the off-season for most pro cyclists; well what’s left of it these days. Which of course means catching up with family and friends … and surgeons. Like most of the world’s elite sportsmen and women who are faced with increasingly heavy playing schedules and ever-shrinking off-seasons, there’s a long line of top riders having their 2013 injuries and niggles attended to before the 2014 onslaught begins in earnest with the Tour Down Under.


Tony Martin has finally had surgery to correct a wrist fracture he sustained in July at the TDF. The indomitable Marianne Vos has had an abdominal cyst sorted out recently. Sam Bewley is off for hip surgery tomorrow. Plus many, many more – of that you can be certain. In some ways being a pro cyclist is a great life, no doubt. But in others it’s bloody tough going. Imagine spending your holidays in an operating theatre and rehab each year? I wonder how many surgeons use the money they make from cyclists to go riding for their ‘off-season’? Seems like a much better deal to me…



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