Fixed up, and up some more

Climbed Victoria’s 16km 6% average Mt Buller for the first time yesterday, in a race no less. Finished about 6th in a decent enough time. There were a few seriously strong riders who quickly shot away never to be seen again, including one current NRS guy who set a scorching time of 46 minutes.

But there was also a handful of not-so-serious riders. Including this remarkable guy, Pete, from the nearby town of Mansfield. He rode the entire race on his commuter – an old, heavy fixie with no clip ins. He didnt even have proper bike shorts. Despite all this Pete made it to the summit without stopping once, even on the 13% pitches, and finished in 1 hour 22 minutes. A pretty darn good time in the circumstances.

Thankfully someone offered to drive him home to Mansfield. The descent on that thing may have just sent him, well, over the edge……


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