Rider’s perspective: Grafton to Inverell

Australia’s longest and oldest one day road race, the Melbourne to Warrnambool, was run and won for the 98th time last Saturday. Congrats to Budget Forklists who finished 1, 2, 3 with Sam Horgan taking the win. Whilst not as far, plenty of NRS riders will argue the upcoming Grafton to Inverell is every bit as tough and prestigious as the Warny.

But what about ‘ordinary’ cyclists like us? Well, several mates are doing G2I this year and they’ve been training the house down; the kms they’ve been doing are awesome and we wish them all the very best in their quest to keep ahead of that bastard broom wagon and finish this iconic Aussie race in the north of NSW.

If you haven’t been following Carbon Addiction since the start you may have missed this too, a great post-ride review of last year’s G2I by a mate who did it in 2012. Well worth another read.



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