S#itting in

Drafting. Sitting in. Wheelsucking. It has many names. But whilst it’s one thing to do it in your own grade when racing, doing it with another grade that’s passed you? Well, that’s just not on.

wheel sucking pig web site

In the last few weeks I’ve experienced this low act a couple of times. On one occasion two of the brazen parties even pulled it on a sprint lap and actually managed to finish 2nd and 3rd in a major race without relegation. Or, to put it another way, they cheated and got away with it, most likely because they did it well out of view of the commissaires. This, of course, ensured an absolute cluster-*@#$ of abuse and post-race recriminations on Strava which are still continuing over 48 hours later.  And, frankly, they deserve it.

I’m no saint. As I’ve written here before, I’ve been known to shamelessly wheelsuck on occasion in races. And it works a treat. But I’d just never ever draft another grade, regardless of the gift voucher on offer for stealing my way on to the podium.

What’s the point of ‘winning’ like that? How do you sleep at night? I couldn’t.

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