What’s in a name?


Oh, the fun we have naming our rides on Strava. Some of us go for the humour route. Some love being esoteric. Some like to be narrative. Others more obscure. Here’s just a small selection of the more creative names taken from my Strava pals in the last few weeks. What are some of the better ones you’ve used?

Half a lap with Group 4 nearly lost my breakfast

Dropped, again, sigh

G3 House of pain

Messy windy

Intervals 5xWI5 45min

The Slept in but made it to coffee Ride

Monday Moneyshot

Who put that #$@ing hill there?

Work commute on the sexy

A win is a win

Tail wind… instant ego boost 😉

SST 2(20+10)

I like the wind in my hair but almost lost my hair tonight

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