Well, blow me

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 6.34.59 AM

I’ve had plenty of races cancelled because of rain, but never one because of the wind. Until this week. Despite the clearest of blue skies Mother Nature had been blowing ferociously all day. Keen to race, I’d been thinking of echelons and wondering which wheels to use. In the end it was a decision I didn’t have to make as the owners of the circuit, Sydney’s Eastern Creek, shut the entire venue down through fear of someone being blown all the way to Lithgow. It was just another reminder that often the toughest opponent we face doesn’t own a bike. The elements are pretty much unbeatable on their day.


One thought on “Well, blow me

  1. I am glad I take the time to read your articles Pete, as the title of this one had me worried….. Wise move on behalf of the organisers and management……

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