Star Wars meets bike lanes

Good friend of Carbon Addiction, Waz, sent me a link to a curious little gadget earlier in the week. It’s a small laser unit that attaches to your bike and projects lines onto the road as you ride, to (hopefully, but don’t hold your breath) encourage drivers to give you a little more space. It may seem a bit gimmicky, but given the reluctance of some councils to introduce more bike lanes, maybe this could actually work? Simply switch it on and create your own virtual bike lane that follows wherever you go…I think this might just be genius.

xfire-bike-light-laser bikelane05

One thought on “Star Wars meets bike lanes

  1. Yes I agree whole heartedly with the spirit and intention of your excellent article. Every cyclist in fact can do a lot to improve our collective reputation with drivers and to influence driver behaviour for the better . A gobful isnt the answer ,a well thought out not too smart message, maybe. Example and courteous behaviour definitely. A wave for a motorist who has waited ,slowed or given a metre plus berth spreads the good word too-were not all selfish bastards …some of the time.

    Its not only knowing and following the basic road rules ,its also not losing your lolly when a vehicle ( perhaps) does the “wrong” thing -in my observation it has often been the cyclist who could have taken some preventative action, such as clearly signal their intention ,stay in single file on a long slow hill etc

    When the motorist has done the wrong thing, abuse serves to raise the risk ,this time ,next time, and for others who have witnessed the incident .I know from personal experience.

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