Terrorists on wheels

It’s true. We’re bloody everywhere on the roads these days. You can’t leave your driveway without seeing us lot in ever-increasing numbers. And we’re a danger to society; rolling accidents waiting to happen as we clog roads every morning and evening on the daily commute. When they invariably happen, the financial, physical and emotional cost of such accidents places a massive burden on the wider community too; money and energy that could surely be far better spent elsewhere on things like education and health.

You don’t need to watch CCTV clips on Youtube to know some of the things we do are, frankly, outrageous. We run red lights and routinely fail to stop at roundabouts and stop signs. We speed through high pedestrian traffic areas with scant regard for human life or authority. We change lanes routinely without notice. We overtake on the inside. And we turn recklessly, often directly in front of oncoming traffic which has to brake frantically to avoid catastrophe. As damning as the current statistics are, it’s a miracle far more people aren’t killed by our insane behaviour every year.

Yep, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s high time we all got off the road for good. We motorists make cyclists look like angels.


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