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Cycling is a resilient beast. Despite a never-ending paceline of controversy and muck raking at the elite level, you just need to look around to see the sport is booming in Australia at a grass roots level. Bikes sales are off the scale. Riders of all ages can be seen pounding the pedals pretty much everywhere ( Cycling club memberships have never been healthier.


Which raises the issue of what exactly is the role of a cycling club in 2013? Because if my own club is anything to go by, it isn’t anywhere near as clear-cut as it once was.

Is a registered cycling club primarily about racing? Is it a social club? Is it a user group which lobbies councils and governments? Is it for juniors? Or is it something else altogether?

I have my own opinions on this, but would love to hear yours – either publicly as a comment right here, or in a direct emailif you prefer. It’d also be great if you take a moment to answer this very simple survey, below. Once I’ve gathered everyone’s thoughts, I’ll report back in detail with the findings. If my preliminary conversations are anything to go by, it’s sure to make interesting reading…

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