Two tribes: McQuaid vs Cookson

Choo, choo, choo. The slow train wreck that is the UCI Presidential Election is about to pull into Florence station. What a fiasco. McQuaid’s shamelessly Machiavellian antics would be hilarious if they weren’t so damning and damaging for the already battered reputation of world cycling. Instead of celebrating the sport’s finest athletes, politics and controversy is set to once again dominate the headlines.

I was rather depressed to read last night that whichever way the Tuscan vote goes between Cookson (PaddyPower is giving odds of 1-4 on) and McQuaid (5-2) on Friday 27 September, there’s a high likelihood of legal action from the loser. Great. I couldn’t help but think of this classic and, despite the slapstick nature of the content, remarkably insightful film clip from 1983. No one wins in this kind of grubby power struggle, except perhaps lawyers. But everyone else loses.

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