Veloink frame and wheel decals


Few things are more pro than having your name on your own bike and wheels, just like the WorldTour guys.

But if you’re going to do it, well, forget the old Letraset or sheets of Contact. Your bike’s your baby, right? So you want to do it properly. Which means getting in touch with someone like – a USA-based business that ships to Australia, and pretty much everywhere else on the planet too. They’ve been promoting a bit on Facebook lately which is where I found them. They were good enough to send me a few personalised samples to try them out.


At around $20 for a set of 10 (5 left hand side stickers, 5 right hand side stickers) you can choose the name and flag to appear on your decals, plus colours and fonts to perfectly match your bike. Sets can be easily customised with your own club, company or team logo too. Or if you’re a bludger like me, you can choose from Veloink’s existing online templates.

The quality seems good and they’re super easy to apply. In fact, having just been through the process of ordering frame and wheels decals for myself, I can say it was fast and painless. Delivery is free and they took just over a week to land in my post box.

The only problem I’ve had is finding somewhere on my frame to put them – Colnago aren’t big on white space, their attitude appears to be “if there’s nothing there, slap another logo on it”.

Check out Veloink here:


In case you’re wondering, this is a legitimate review. No payment was received – except for a free set of stickers. Woo-hoo!



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