What would you do if you hit a cyclist?

You’re driving your delivery van and you hit a cyclist in front of countless witnesses and CCTV cameras. They hit the road hard and are clearly seriously injured.

Do you…

(A) High tail the f$@& outta there in a delusional state thinking you’ll get away with it?
(B) Scream abuse at the poor bastard as he lies broken and bleeding on the ground?
(C) Blame Derryn Hinch because he said roads are for cars not bikes?
(D) Stop, call an ambulance and face the fact that you really $&@%ed up?
(E) Panic and speed away, but then realise you did the wrong thing and turn yourself in?
(F) Pray the victim’s 400 club-mates don’t find you before the Police do?
(G) Tweet about it, post a selfie from the scene and gloat to your mates?
(H) Other __________________________________________

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