Classic Rider(‘s Doctor) Quotes #72

Dr. Prentice Steffen was the first American team doctor in Tour de France history. Today he’s the Chief Medical Officer for Slipstream Sports (aka Garmin-Sharp, home of Aussie riders Nathan Haas, Steele Von Hoff, Rohan Dennis and Lachlan Morton). If you want to watch his entire presentation, below, he says some pretty interesting stuff about everything from corticosteroids and doping to saddle sores the size of your finger (ouch!). But if you’re in a hurry, his comments at 22 mins 40 seconds really caught my attention:

“If you’re a pro bike racer and you’re not right on the edge of being sick at all times, you’re not training hard enough. Similarly in a race, if you’re not on the verge of almost crashing a good portion of the time, you’re not racing hard enough. So yeah, my guys get sick and they get injured often enough…”

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