Go the ‘pies

Admist all the new socks, undies and other Father’s Day celebrations, let’s not forget it’s also the first day of Spring here in Australia. Which of course means one thing: cranky magpies.





5 thoughts on “Go the ‘pies

  1. Once upon a time the rangers would ‘relocate’ roque hyper-aggressive birds. One eye lost is too many (& there has been many documented cases of this), but alas the left wing greenies win out again…

  2. The devil in me always has a little chuckle when I see people waving madly in vain attempts to fend off dive-bombing ‘pies. It usually does more harm than good…I will always remember the poor bloke who ploughed into the back of a parked car!

    Best option is just to put your head down and use it as sprint training.

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