Price check: Fulcrum 5 & Conti GP4000s

Welcome to a new feature called ‘Price Check’.

There are some great deals out there these days, as Aussie online retailers really take the fight to the international sites. Every now and then I intend to do a spot audit of several of the better known online cycling retailers – local and international – just to see what you get for your money. I’m not saying the chosen items are good or bad. I’m simply saying this is how much the same item would cost you in different places if you went shopping right now.

We start by looking at two familiar items on roads across Australia, Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels and Continental GP4000s tyres.

Fulcrum Racing 5 aluminium clincher wheelset (SRAM/Shimano):

fulcrum 5

Cell Bikes



Bike Bug



Continental GP4000s 23mm Road Tyres:


Cell Bikes


Bike Bug


(Based on advertised web prices @ 19 August 2013)

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