Rapha’s cup runneth over

I have a lot of time for Rapha. I also know a lot of cyclists are cashed up to their eyeballs. But come on guys, $65 for a pair of espresso cups and saucers with a black stripe on one side? Are they aerodynamically designed in a wind tunnel? Hand fashioned from the same carbon weave used on Sir Bradley’s TT bike? Fully Di2 compatible, perhaps? You’d certainly hope so for the price. As one of my riding mates asked when he sent me the link, who buys this stuff?

No doubt made in China or Taiwan, just like your bike.
Designed in California. No doubt made in China or Taiwan, just like your bike.


6 thoughts on “Rapha’s cup runneth over

  1. Ah what makes a person buy at what price? Why is it important to others how a person spend their money? No haven’t got any Rapha cups and saucers. Mind you..they look pretty nice.

    1. Good points Col. I guess the cups and saucers reminded me of something written by an Englishman called Thomas Tusser back in 1573. Just substitute the word ‘cyclist’ for ‘foole’…

      A foole & his money,
      be soone at debate:
      which after with sorow,
      repents him to late.

      1. Too true. The folly of man (and woman). I’m impressed! Your knowledge of poetry is beyond “encyclopaedic” or should there be a new term for the electronic age?

        Non, Je ne regrette rien – Edith Piaf.

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