Bunny hopping bikes

These days it’s par for course to see riders bunny hop traffic islands and footpaths to get the best line into corners, or move up the field. But this morning one of the official support motorbikes tried the same trick as he was tailing the four-rider breakaway in Stage 2 of the Eneco Tour, ultimately won by Frenchman Arnaud Demare.

With about 18km to the finish the motorbike closely shadowed the riders, as he’d been doing for some time, except that this time they decided to go cross country on a left hander, right up on to the footpath. With no time to change lines, the motorbike didn’t have much option but to follow, slamming over the kerb – much to the annoyance of the pillion passenger: an official race cameraman who waved his free hand in classic European style and screamed an inaudible but almost certainly colourful obscenity at this co-pilot. Made for a funny moment. As the commentators observed at the time, it’s not easy to bunny hop street furniture on a 200kg+ motorbike laden with two people and a TV camera. The best bit? They never stopped filming.


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