Classic Rider Quotes #58-63 (c-/ Bike Snob NYC)

Anyone who follows the acid-laced blog Bike Snob NYC will be well aware the guy is one of world’s richest sources of scathing, yet often deeply insightful, cycling quotes. Here’s just a small (reasonably gentle) taste of his work, taken from the self-titled e-book, Bike Snob.

“The world of cycling is like a big bowl of lucky charms – it’s full of lots of goofy-looking figures in different colours and shapes.”

“Hipsters on bicycles can can cause entire cities to suffer from the itchy eyes and sneezing of trendiness.”

“(Motorists) telling cyclists to get out of the road is like telling women to get out of the voting booth and go back to the kitchen.”

“A bike should be scratched. Using the bike will bring you joy; preserving the bike will only bring frustration.”

“Basic bike repair is only marginally more tricky than making a collage.”

“When you approach an intersection think of cars as affectionate cats that are going to try and rub themselves against you.”

It’s an excellent book and a superb blog. Well worth following. Just be warned the language can be a little fruity at times. Nothing we haven’t heard a hundred times before from passing motorists, mind you…


One thought on “Classic Rider Quotes #58-63 (c-/ Bike Snob NYC)

  1. I’ve always thought of those cars wanting to drive too close for their abilities as wanting to be near me. Ah Mr Charisma!

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