Is track, is good

So, hit Dunc Gray last night for a 160-lap training session. My first ever outing on Sydney’s hallowed Olympic boards. Did I like it? Hell, yes I did. Was I scared? Maybe for about 2 minutes as I stared up at the 42 degree banking at each end of the track. But as soon as I started riding and realised I was most unlikely to crash and die, any fear quickly disappeared. I’d been told by a few different people for some time that I’d love it – and they were absolutely right. A cross between a normal road ride on a fixie and the g-forces of a Luna Park thrill ride, it was a hoot. Fast and a whole lot of fun, especially considering all I really did was ride around in circles for 60 minutes. Will I be back? Without a doubt. Hoping to race next week too. It seems my cycling addiction might be about to get even deeper…


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