O’Grady O’Legend

He’s not dead (despite some horrendous crashes over the tears) so we’ll spare you the obituary. But given the overnight announcement of Stuart O’Grady’s retirement from pro cycling we thought it apt to say a few words – and post a few images – of this truly great Australian rolleur.


O’Grady rode in a record 17 consecutive Tours. He’s worn both the yellow and green jerseys. He’s won Paris-Roubaix. He’s won the National road title (in 2003). He’s won multiple Olympic, Commonwealth and World Championship medals – including a swag of gold. And boasts a palmares overflowing with more wins all over the world.

Given the proud crow eater is also blessed with one of the finest cycling brains in the world, surely it won’t be long until Mr O’Grady is a hugely successful DS…

You, sir, are a legend and a true inspiration. Thanks for the ride.




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